Did the name ”Farmer” trick you to visit this Danish site?

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Our site counter reports many visits from the USA. A warm welcome to you. We are wholeheartedly American-minded and follow many American business marketing concepts.
Our business is product and service marketing, mostly within the European borders - focusing on storytelling based copywriting. Wrapped in an attractive, eyecatching, graphic design. Marketing plans, based upon local platforms, unusual formats, custom-tailored campaigns. The lot. 
If you’re aiming toward sales in Scandinavia and beyond, it will be worthwhile to give us a call.

Incidentally, we are closely connected to our Florida affiliate, marketing consultant and copywriter René Gnam -- an American who has taught Danish business people how to market the ”American way”.  We admire him a lot.

Thanks for your visit! We'll be happy to consult with you on your next Scandinavian visit

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