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It is Sorin Bubulinis, who orchestrates the tasteful finish of the dishes offered to guests on this week's cruise with River Discovery II. "

"How do you make such delicious menus. After all, we are quite many people onboard, all of whom are getting the same experience loving your “gourmet dishes”"?

"The basic elements of the menu are determined in our main centre and are already composed, when we receive the menu here on the ship. We are five cooks on board who customize the dishes and apply the tasteful finish, which we get quite positive reactions to. Importantly there are always fresh vegetables that we buy along the way. We put a lot of effort of combining the right spices with the basic elements of the menus. It is precisely here, that I personally contribute with the background that I brought with me from my previous engagements. The fragrance from the spices are a very important factor. They shall match the menu's exact serving temperature, which is critical in order to obtain the superb taste. This method has proven to gives the perfect result."

The River Discovery breakfast table is extensive and meet the needs and wish of all guests. At the breakfast table the menus for breakfast and dinner are described. Here you can choose between the three main courses, lunch as well as evening.

At lunch you make your own salad and dressing as well as to choose different breads and accessories. Then a soup is served to the chef's choice. The personally chosen main course is then served.

Finally a dessert is served, often a cake.

The very same procedure takes place at dinner.

We are met with a friendly smile at the meals. And enjoy a delicious, stylish table setting. We pass the grand maitre d'hotel, Mr. Borja, who discreetely assures that all guests have a bactericidal breath on the hands on their way in.

While River Discovery moves along with magnificent, constantly changing  panoramas, the meals appear as a gastronomic as well as a cultural highlight of the day. Here you will be delighted with beautiful service and cutlery, elegant tableware and the professional service by the crew, along with a sommelier-style wine service.

Composition of guests around a common table is always exciting. We were - more than - fortunate. As part of the table's six members, we spontaneously encountered into a small community, that immidiately developed positively as the days passed. A cheerful and welcoming atmosphere with root in a number of common interests, book topics and art is not a matter of course. But was our luck.

The word “Skål” (Danish for Cheers) occured a bit too often with us, obviously according to the  looks from the neighbouring tables. So we replaced it with an “Oeah”. Which now is progressing quickly into our common dinner conversation back home!

About Sorin Bubulinis.

Graduated in 1985 as a cook from the Bucharest Academy. Got a job as a chef at a spa hotel from 1985-91. In 1990 he spent six months in Japan, learning Japanese cooking. Sorin is specialized in international cooking and has been working on ocean ships from various countries including European riverboats - the recent years as chief chef. Sorin is married, and his Peruvian wife runs their joint restaurant in Lima together with Sorins sister-in-law. He became father last year, and it is the family's intention to establish itself in Europe in the short term.

The picture shows Sorin Bubulinis together with Karl Alnor, a satisfied guest.

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The quality of the first meals onboard raised  some comments around our table. All meals at Best Travel are always included in their tours. But these meals were extra delicious. I asked the Chef, Sorin Bubulinis, why.