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River Discovery is a sailing hotel, that travels with you, as you slip past the range of wonderful landscapes. Acting as a state-of-the art residence for your vacation.

"How many crew members are there on board the River River Discovery?"

"There are 36 people in total. Everyone are specialists and trained in the tasks they take care of. We work as a close team and I believe, that we have achieved a high level of onboard service. "

"True. I dropped my glasses and they slipped under the bed. Downstairs on the floor there was totally dustfree below the bed. The order and cleaning in the room is really carried on in a zealously manner. Is this also your responsibility as hotel manager? "

"Yes, to the highest degree! We continuously work with control and efficiency. River Discovery is only 5 years old and is therefore adapted with the latest developments as to interior decoration, which has increased the service level quality considerably. Each employee is far more efficient on these modern ships. Meaning less manpower per guest.”

"This also implies a certain risk of lack of crew in an unexpected illness or holiday settlement?" "Yes, right. And here we come to my job onboard. Throughout the last 7 years, I have been replacing ordinary hotel managers within the part of the company, which operates river cruises. I am duplicating this ship's permanent hotel manager, who is on vacation.

The company has a well-functioning system of cross-cutting of crew for irregularities. The job on board is very pleasant for me, as I have previously sailed as a hotel manager on the ms River Discovery II.

About Josef Fur.

Born in 1980 in Slovakia. After primary school, he continued on high school with much focus on IT. He realized, that it was not the way he wanted to go. After various small jobs in the hotel and catering industry, he obtained his academic qualification in 1999. He got a job at one of the many hotels in the High Tatra area. In the beginning, he worked as a receptionist, but he quickly gained more trusted posts. A study mate called in 2004 and they agreed to meet. The conversation opened up for the opportunities within the emerging river travel industry. On his way home from the meeting, his phone rang and he was offered a job at US-owned GCCL&Vantage Travel, one of the leaders in the industry. Here he has been working since.

Married, 3 sons of 2, 4 and 6 years.

Josef Fur was toastmaster at the gala dinner at the end of the tour. Eloquently and amusing he turned the farewell party into a highly enjoytable show.

Leif Andersen-Farmer

All navigation and transport, lock passages, all the tasks connected with the sailing and safety onboard, is the captain’s responsibility. The operation of the "hotel" – accomodation, rooms, dining, restaurant, crew and cleaning on board, refers to the ship's hotel manager. Me.

Hotel Manager

Josef Fur