Did the name ”Farmer” trick you to visit this Danish site?

Sorry, it's my legal last name...

But since you're here...

Our site counter reports that we get many visits from the USA. A warm welcome to you. We are wholeheartedly American-minded and follow many American business marketing concepts.


Our business is product and service marketing, mostly within the European borders - copywriting, graphic design, marketing plans, unusual formats, custom-tailored campaigns. If you’re aiming toward sales in Scandinavia and beyond, it might be worthwhile to give us a call.

Incidentally, we are closely connected to our Florida affiliate, marketing consultant and copywriter René Gnam -- an American who has taught Danish business people  how to market the ”American way”.  We admire him a lot.

Thanks for your visit! We'll be happy to consult with you on your next Scandinavian visit

Leif Andersen-Farmer

Welcome Americans, Welcome All...



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